Adding Domains to a Machine Group

Another way that machines can be added to a machine group is by domain. Adding a domain to a machine group will result in all machines that are members of the domain being made a part of the group.

Adding an Individual Domain Name

The easiest way to add a domain to a machine group is as follows:

  1. Access the machine group.
  2. Select the Domain Name tab.
  3. Type the name of the domain in the Enter a domain name box.
  4. Choose whether you will allow SSH server connections to the machines in this domain.
    The SSH protocol may be used when the console initiates a connection with the specified machines. The primary use cases are when a power status scan or a push installation of an agent are initiated from the console to a Linux machine. Security Controls does not currently support the use of SSH server authentication, so unless you are certain that the specified machines are trusted and safe, you should choose to block SSH server connections. For more detailed information, see the SSH Authentication topic.
  5. Click Add.

If you want to specifically exclude a domain, enable the Exclude check box before you click Add. The domain will be added to the machine list but will not be included in any scans. See Excluding Certain Machines for more information.

Importing Domain Names From an External Source

You can also add domains by using the following buttons to import domain names from an external source.



Browse network

This button opens a separate dialog that lists the contents of your Microsoft network. Locate the domains you would like to add to the custom group, place a check mark in the check boxes, and then click Select. If you need to supply credentials in order to enumerate one or more nodes, in the Browse credential box at the bottom of the dialog select the appropriate credential and then click Assign. If you need to define a new credential, see Defining Credentials.

Import from file

You can import a list of domain names from a previously created text file. The text file can be created manually or it can be created using any network-based tool available to you. Each domain name in the text file must be separated by either a carriage return or a comma.

Link to file

Domain names can also be dynamically linked to a text file rather than imported. Linking a file to a machine group is different than importing its contents. Importing contents is a one-time operation after which the information from the file becomes a part of the machine group. When you link a file to a machine group, any changes that you make to the file are automatically reflected in the next scan. See Linking Files to Machine Groups for more information.

When domains are added or imported by name, the new entries are displayed within the bottom section of the machine group pane.