Editing the Console Description

You can change the name the program uses when referring to the console. This serves two purposes:

It enables you to assign a user-friendly name to use for all references to the console. By default the name used is the console's computer name. If there is only one console then the default name may be fine. But in some cases the default name may not have much meaning to you and you'll want to change the name.

It helps avoid confusion if the console is on a remote server or if two or more consoles are being used.

To edit the console name:

1.Select Tools > Edit console description.

A dialog similar to the following is displayed.

Tip: The Edit Console Description dialog displays the console ID, which can be a helpful piece of information if you need to perform some troubleshooting.

2.Change the name and description as desired.

The program will use the new, friendly name whenever it refers to the console. The new name will be used in any reports you generate for the console. For example, if you changed the name to "Headquarters console" you would see the following:

For Data Rollup Configurations

This feature is particularly useful in data rollup configurations (see What is a Data Rollup Configuration), where the central console receives results that are rolled up to it from other remote consoles. An entry is automatically generated in the central console's Edit Console Description dialog whenever a remote console imports the central console's data rollup settings. Once an entry is generated, its name and description can be modified, if desired.