Editions of the Program

There are several different editions of Security Controls. Each edition provides a different level of capabilities. To determine which edition you are running, select Help > About to view program details.

This section provides a synopsis of each available edition.

Security Controls, Standard Edition

This is the standard product offering. The Standard Edition includes patch management, asset inventory, power management and ITScript capabilities.

Security Controls, Application Control Add-On

If you used a license key to activate the program, a separate license key is required to use the Application Control capability. Application Control can be added to either the Standard Edition or the Government Edition.

Security Controls, Trial Edition

Security Controls is available on a trial basis. This enables you to test all the capabilities of Security Controls, but only for 60 days. You are also limited to 50 license seats. When the trial license expires the program will stop refreshing its data definition files and many of the program features will no longer be available.

Security Controls, Government Edition

When you purchase the Government Edition of Security Controls you will receive a license key that enables you to use the Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert (IAVA) Reporter. The IAVA-specific files are automatically installed when the Standard Edition of Security Controls is installed. For more information about IAVA, see IAVA Overview.