How Do I . . .?: Set Up and Monitor Agents

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Overview Information

Setting up and using agents consists of the following general steps:

Create and Configure an Agent Policy

An agent policy defines exactly what an agent can or cannot do. With Security Controls Agent you can create as many different agent policies as is needed. This provides a great deal of flexibility, enabling you to assign different agent policies to different machines in your organization. A policy can be used to scan for missing patches, to determine software and hardware assets, and to perform power state tasks.

See Creating a New Agent Policy for complete information.

Install the Agent Policy On the Desired Machines

Agents can be push-installed from the console to the desired target machines, or they can be installed manually.

Monitor the Agents as They Protect Your Machines

You can monitor the agents from the console or you can use the Security Controls Agent client program to perform additional actions directly on the agent machine.