Implementing a Data Rollup Configuration

Implementing a data rollup console configuration is very easy. You simply perform a few configuration steps on the central console and on each remote console. Implement data rollup only if your remote consoles are each using their own separate database that is also distinct from the one used by your central console.

If your SQL Server does not run on the same machine as the Security Controls console, you will need to run Security Controls with user credentials that have access to SQL Server. For more detailed information see SQL Server Notes.

On the Central Console

  1. Select Tools > Options > Data Rollup.
  2. In the Data Rollup Receiver Configuration area, enable the Accept and import results from a rollup sender check box.

On Each Remote Console

You must configure each remote console to roll up its results to the central console.

  1. Select Tools > Options > Data Rollup.
  2. In the Data Rollup Sender Configuration area, enable the Enable Data Rollup check box.
  3. Specify the IP address/hostname of the central (rollup) console and the port used by the rollup console to listen for incoming data.
  4. In the Minutes between sending results box specify how often the data will be rolled up from the remote console to the central console.
  5. Click Register.

TIP: The registration process will also automatically generate an entry in the Edit Console Description dialog on the central console. You can use this dialog to track how many remote consoles are configured to roll up their results to the central console. See Editing the Console Description for more details.

See Data Rollup Operations for more detailed configuration information.