Navigating Windows Patch View

Windows Patch View consists of several different panes. Each pane displays unique information and provides unique functionality.

The two left-hand panes are used to filter the content in the patch catalog. They dictate what patch content is displayed in the top pane.

Filtering by Patch Type

Filtering by Product Vendor

The top pane displays all patches in the patch catalog that are not filtered out by the two left-hand panes. You can apply additional filters, you can view information about individual patches and you can add patches to new or existing patch groups.

Searching Patch View

Filtering the Top Pane

Performing Actions on Patches

Customizing the Column Headers

The bottom pane displays the contents of any patch groups that you have defined. It also displays detailed information about the patch selected in the top pane.

Creating and Editing Patch Groups

Viewing Patch Details

Viewing Machines Affected by a Selected Patch

Customizing the Column Headers

The top and bottom panes are interrelated in that the information presented in the bottom pane is dependent on what is selected in the top pane. This "top down" approach means you use the top pane to view high-level information and the bottom pane to drill down to more detailed information.