Performing Actions on Machine Groups

Right-Click Menu

You can right-click on any machine group in the navigation pane and perform a number of different actions.




Enables you to edit the selected machine group.


Makes a copy of the selected machine group. Type a name for the new group and then click Save.


Deletes the selected machine group.


Enables you to rename the selected machine group.

Edit path

Enables you to change the folder path of the selected group. Doing so will relocate the machine group to a different folder in the My Machine Groups list in the navigation pane. For more details, see Organizing Machine Groups.

New Machine Group

Enables you to create a new machine group. See Creating a New Machine Group for more details.

Run operation

Enables you to initiate a patch, asset, power or ITScripts operation on the machine group.

Search Machine Groups

Enables you to search for alphanumeric characters in any of your existing machine groups. See Searching Machine Groups for details.