Searching Machine Groups

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Overview Information

You can search for names in any of your existing machine groups. This enables you to quickly locate specific machines and machine groups. This is especially useful for determining if a machine belongs to more than one machine group.

To initiate a search, right-click on any machine group in the navigation pane and select Search Machine Groups. The Search Machine Groups dialog is displayed. For example:

In the Search all Machine Groups for this name box, type the alphanumeric characters you want to find. Any machines or machine groups matching the search criteria will be displayed. Here are some tips for using the search tool:

  • The search will look for matching characters in all columns except the Type column.
  • All partial matches are displayed. For example, if you type Test as your search criteria, any machine with "test" in its name will be considered a match (e.g. TestMachine1, ContestantMachine, etc.).
  • The use of wildcards is not allowed.

In addition, you can use the following buttons or right-click menu options to perform the following actions.



Remove from group

Deletes the selected machine from its machine group. You can use the Crtl or Shift keys to select multiple machines and delete all of the machines from the selected groups at once.

If you want to delete a specific machine from all its groups:

  1. Hover over the Name column header and in the upper-right corner click the column filter icon ().
  2. In the column filter menu, select the desired machine name.
  3. Multi-select all occurrences of the machine.
  4. Click Remove from group.


Includes the machine in any scans performed on the machine group. See the When scanning column for the current status.


Excludes the machine from any scans performed on the machine group. For more information, see Excluding Certain Machines.

Edit Machine Group

Enables you to edit the selected machine group.