Monitoring product license compliance

Product license compliance is an important part of your overall IT asset management. Your ability to monitor compliance helps ensure that you'll have accurate records for audits and that employees are following your organization's policies related to product usage.

Your organization's compliance with the terms of your product licenses is dependent on:

  • Accurate inventory scans that contain data on what products are discovered and being used: IvantiĀ® Endpoint Manager runs inventory scans on managed devices in your network. These scans include a software monitor scan that saves product information to the database.
  • Accurate data regarding the terms of the product licenses you have purchased: You can add this data to the database from the license records that your organization maintains. Enter each license individually or import data from different sources by first exporting the data from an Excel spreadsheet to a CSV file and then importing the data into the software license monitoring (SLM) console.
  • Correct association of licenses with products and computer groups: Product associations occur when you add or edit a license. If you import license data, check each license to make sure it's associated with products that are covered by the terms of the license. Also, if licenses are limited to certain departments within your organization, you should associate the licenses with computer groups you define for those departments.
  • Reconciliation of license data with inventory data: SLM reconciles all required data that is available in the database. Compliance is calculated each day when regular inventory maintenance runs on the database. The success of your license monitoring depends on how accurate your product license data is and how completely your inventory scans cover the devices in your organization. Your compliance results also depend on having the correct computer groups defined and associated with licenses.

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