Maintaining accurate license data

An important part of your organization's financial management is the maintenance of product licenses. The software license monitoring (SLM) tool uses license data to help you determine how well your organization complies with the terms of your licenses. Your license data needs to be available and accurate for up-to-date compliance calculations.

You may want to begin with a small number of licenses, such as licenses that need to be monitored for audits. You can manually add or import that license data using the SLM console. The data is then used to generate statistics and reports, which help you determine whether your product licenses are in compliance based on the actual product installations.

After the license data is added, you should review the product information related to each license. Find the products for a license on the Products>Discovered page and move them to the Monitored view. If appropriate, combine different versions of a product into one normalized product so it's easier to manage in the SLM console.

The following tasks can be used to maintain accurate license data for your organization: