About the SmartVue configuration dialog box

The SmartVue configuration dialog box (Configure > SmartVue configuration) is only available on the core server. Use this dialog box to configure SmartVue database connections, location methods, and data collection schedules.

About the Database sources and cores page

Use the Database sources and cores page to add database data sources that SmartVue should collect data from. For more information, see Configuring SmartVue data sources.

About the Add database dialog box

  • Data source: If you're connecting to a Endpoint Manager or Service Desk database, make the corresponding selection, otherwise enter your custom data source name.
  • Display name: A descriptive name for your data source. This name appears in the main SmartVue configuration database list.
  • Server: The computer name hosting the database you're adding a connection to.
  • Database: The database name on the server you specified.
  • User name and Password: The database credentials that grant access to the database.

When you click OK, SmartVue will use the information you provided to connect to the database. If the connection fails, you will see an error message with additional information.

About the Location page

Use the Location page to configure how SmartVue determines device location. You have three choices:

  • LDAP
  • Device name
  • Ivanti public queries

For more information, see Configuring SmartVue locations.

About the Scheduler page

The Scheduler page controls when the SmartVue data collection utility, LDGatherData.exe, runs. This utility gathers data from the point core it is installed on and any other data sources that you've configured. This utility doesn't run automatically or have a schedule by default. You must create a schedule for it or run it manually.

The Scheduler page has these options:

  • Leave unscheduled: This is the default option. LDGatherData.exe isn't scheduled to run.
  • Start now: Runs LDGatherData.exe when you click OK. If you had previously configured a repeating schedule, that schedule will be cleared. If you want to resume a repeating schedule after using the Start now option, you will have to reselect Repeat and reconfigure it.
  • Repeat: Runs LDGatherData.exe on the repeating schedule you specify. You can choose Hourly, Daily, or Weekly intervals. If you select Hourly, the schedule runs (TBD at what time?) each hour. If you select Daily, you can select the time you want. If you select Weekly, you can select the day of the week and the time you want.