Adding a Bar Chart

Bar charts represent the results of a query grouped by one of the attributes.

To add a Bar Chart panel to a dashboard:
  1. Right-click the relevant column, then click Add Bar Chart Panel.
    The new panel appears.
  2. Expand the Queries tree (), and drag the required query onto the panel.
    Immediately, the chart display changes to represent the relevant query.

The colors that you see initially are the default colors that are specified in the System Settings. You can change these as required.
For more information, see Default Colors for Pie Charts and Bar Charts.

  1. Right-click the panel, then click Panel Properties.
    The Bar Chart Properties dialog appears.

    The Panel Properties tab enables you to configure the Panel Header font and color. For more information, see Modifying the appearance of panel headers.
    The Chart General tab is configured in the same way as the Pie Chart.
  2. If required, add a Chart Title.
    This title appears within the panel above the chart. By default, the name of the query that you added is used as the Panel Title, and you may choose not to specify the Chart Title.

If you add this panel to a Multiple Panel, then you would probably want to specify a Chart Title, as the title specified in the Panel Properties will be the title for all of the panels contained within it.

  1. On the General Properties tab, specify the required properties as described in Chart panels.
  2. Click the Bar Chart Properties tab.
  3. You can display your labels in three different ways: Horizontally, Vertically, or Diagonally. Within the Labels group box, select the required option.
  4. In the X-axis Title box, type the title that you want to appear along the bottom of the Bar Chart. This is optional.
  5. In the Y-axis Title box, type the title that you want to appear along the side of the Bar Chart. This is optional.
  6. Click OK.

You can double-click a bar of the Bar Chart to display the Query Results list for that query. Holding the mouse over a column displays the count for that column.