Adding static images to a window

You can add images to window designs to help users to quickly identify the type of window they are looking at. These images are associated with the window, and not the record being displayed - so you can have different images on different windows in the Configuration Item module, for example, but each Printer window would have the same image on it.

For information about adding images to a window that are related to the specific record being displayed, see Displaying images on windows.

This is particularly useful for CIs, where you typically have different windows for printers, servers, and so on. You can now add an image to the top of the different types of CI window to help users to identify the type of CI they are looking at.

For performance reasons, we recommend that you use only small image files.

To add an image to a window design:
  1. In Window Manager, open the required window.
  2. Expand the Controls tree.
  3. In the Controls tree, click Image, then drag the required shape on the window editor.
  4. Expand the Attributes tree.
  5. In the Attributes tree, alongside Image, click .
    The Open dialog appears.
  6. Browse for the image that you want to use, then click Open.
    The image is added to the window design.
  7. Click .

Make sure that the Image control that you add to the window is the same size as the image file you are using.