Viewing and notifying the affected users

You can associate CIs with users using the Administration component, then view the impact a change to a CI would have on its associated users using the Impact window.

For more information about linking CIs to users, see User configuration items.

To view those users affected by a change to the CI:
  1. In the CI Structures View, select the CI for which you want to determine the impact of a change, then on the Actions list, click Show Impact to view the Impact window.
    If the CI has associated users, then the Affected Users tab appears.
  2. Click Affected Users to view a list of those people who are potentially impacted by a change to the CI.

While a user may be associated with the CI, the change may not necessarily impact them. For example, replacing the toner cartridge in a network printer will not necessarily impact people’s work.

To notify the affected users of a change to the CI:
  1. On the Impact window, click the Affected Users tab, then select the users that you want to notify.
    You can select a single user or multiple users.

To select more than one item in a list, hold down the Ctrl key and click the item.

  1. Right-click your selection, then click Send Notification.
    The Impact Notification window appears.
  2. Type in a subject and message, then click OK.
    The Send notification dialog appears, confirming that notifications have been sent to the Message Server.