Configuring a mail box for each mapping

You need to set up a separate mail box for each mapping that you have created. Each mapping is associated with a single Process. When the mail box receives an inbound e-mail, the system creates or updates an instance of the associated process.

For more information about mapping e-mail attributes to Process attributes, see Mapping e-mail message attributes to business object attributes.

To create a new mail box for inbound e-mail:
  1. Start the Mail component.
  2. On the E-mail Setup tree, expand the Inbound E-mail folder, then select the Mail Boxes folder.
  3. On the Actions list, click New Mail Box.
    The Mail Box window appears.
  4. Type a Title for the mail box and in the Mapping list, select the mapping that you want to associate with this mail box.

When a mapping is associated with a mail box, it is removed from the list so that it cannot be selected for other mailboxes. The Mail Server needs to be IMAP4 enabled.

  1. Complete the relevant connection details to the Mail Server and IMAP4 Port Number.
  2. If required, select the Use SSL check box (Secure Sockets Layer).

By default Microsoft Exchange 2007 is configured to use SSL. However, for all mail systems you need to confirm whether or not the mail system is configured to use SSL, and set this check box accordingly.

  1. In the User Name box, type the name of the user whose mailbox will be used to retrieve e-mails, that is, the mailbox that all inbound e-mails will be sent to. For example, company\support.
  2. If applicable, in the Password box, type the mail box password for this user.
  3. Type the E-mail Address and Display Name that you want outbound replies to come from.
  4. Click to save the new mail box.

To test that the connection details are correct, click on the toolbar.

You can update an existing mail box by double-clicking it, or you can delete it using the Delete action.