The Query gadget

The Query gadget enables you to add a query results list to your dashboard.

To add a Query gadget:
  1. From the Choose Gadget dialog (see Dashboards), add a Query gadget.
    The Create query dialog appears. This dialog is very similar to the Create query dialog that appears when you create a query from the Shortcut bar, except that you cannot give the query a title or choose to add it to the Shortcut bar.
  2. Select the Module and Object for the query.
  3. Either add the required Output attributes to the query, or select the View list of Service Desk queries? check box and select the required query.
  4. If you want to prevent users from opening records from the query gadget, select the Prevent launch of records check box.
  5. Click OK.
    The query results list is added to the dashboard.

After you have added a query gadget to a dashboard, you can configure it to display in report format. For more information, see Viewing queries as reports. You can also group the query, or display it as a chart - for more information, see Grouping query results and creating charts.

To modify the query, click in the gadget's title bar, then click Modify.