Creating the required import configurations

The next step is to import the required information from ZENworks.

To create the required import configurations:
  1. Start the Data Connections component.
  2. On the Data Connections tree, select the Generic Data Source node, then on the Actions list click New Connection.
  3. On the Properties grid, specify the relevant connection information.
  4. Click .
  5. On the Actions list, click New Connection Type.
  6. On the Properties grid, alongside the TPS Class Description property, type zDevice.
  7. Alongside the Available Attributes property, click .
    The Select Attribute dialog appears.
  8. Add the required attributes to the Selected Attributes list.
  9. Alongside the Hostname attribute, in the Is Name column, select True, then click OK.
  10. Click .

The next step is to set up an import configuration. For more information, see Creating an import configuration.