Creating the Service Catalog hierarchy

There are a number of ways that your end-users can find the services that they require in the published Service Catalog. One of these ways is the Service Catalog hierarchy, which enables you to create a hierarchy of services that the end-user can browse through. The Catalog Hierarchy tab enables you to define the structure that is used to display the Service Catalog to end-users. You can build a hierarchy with many levels and allocate your services to these levels to help your end-users to find the items that they require more easily.

To create a Service Catalog hierarchy:
  1. Click the Catalog Hierarchy tab.
  2. Select the level in the Hierarchy tree where you want to add a new level, then in the Actions list, click New Level.
    The New Level window appears.
  3. Type a name for the new level, then click OK.
    The new level is added to the hierarchy.

Default images appear on the hierarchy tiles for the Service Catalog in Workspaces. If you add the Image attribute to the Configuration Management\Catalog Hierarchy Category window using Window Manager, you can specify a different image for each hierarchy category using the New Level window.

When you have created the hierarchy, you can add the appropriate services to the required level. Each service can occupy only one place in the hierarchy.

To populate the Catalog Hierarchy:
  1. In the Hierarchy tree, select the level that you want to populate.
  2. In the list of services, select the services that you want to add to the selected level.

You can select multiple services by holding CTRL and clicking, or select a range of services by holding SHIFT and clicking.

  1. In the Actions list, click Add Selected.
    The selected services are added to the hierarchy level.

After you have added items to the Hierarchy, you can move them to different places within the tree by dragging them. You can also drag Hierarchy folders to different positions in the Hierarchy tree.

The following icons are used in the Hierarchy tree:

– a Business Service

– a Technical Service

– an item that is not added to the Service Catalog

– an item that is published to all users

For more information about publishing, see Publishing the Service Catalog.