The Service Catalog and ITIL

The way in which you use the Service Catalog depends on whether or not you are following strict ITIL methodologies. The Ivanti Service Catalog works equally well either way.

ITIL method

With ITIL, you would firstly define all of your Business Services – those services that enable specific business functions, such as e-mail and payroll. You would then define which of these Business Services are available through the Service Catalog.

Non-ITIL method

Ivanti Service Catalog also supports working in a non-ITIL way. You may decide that you want to make specific CIs available through your Service Catalog, rather than the more conceptual services demanded by ITIL. For example, rather than defining the Business Service "Office Tools", you could add specific applications such as a spreadsheet tool, a presentation tool, and so on.

To help you to manage your Service Catalog in whichever way you want, users with the Service Catalog Administrator privilege (see Service Catalog privileges) can change the query that is used to create the lists of CIs in the Service Catalog component.

For information about changing the queries used in the Service Catalog component, see Changing the queries used in Service Catalog.