Event Manager

Ivanti Event Manager enables you to configure your system so that events from systems outside of Service Desk or Asset Manager can create and progress processes. Event Manager can integrate with any third party application that can send parameters using a command line or URL when an event is logged.

You can configure Event Manager so that if it receives a System Down event for a known Configuration Item (CI) from a Network Management System, then it creates a new incident for that CI. If Event Manager subsequently receives a System Reboot event for the CI, then it could add a note to the incident. You could, if required, then configure Event Manager to resolve the incident if it receives a System Up event – although you might prefer an analyst to be notified of the System Up event to provide further investigation of what had happened.

You can also use the Integration Process source in Event Manager to update and action any process. This can form the basis of round-trip request fulfillment (for more details, see Automation with Ivanti Process Manager (LPM).

Adding the Event Generator behavior to an object means that every time an instance of the object is created, an entry is made in a specific database table. This database record includes values that identify the instance of the object, and also include values read from attributes on the object that record information that you want to pass to an external system. You can then configure appropriate external systems to read from this table, process and act on the data provided, and return values to Event Manager that enable it to progress the process further. This provides an alternative method of providing automated round-trip request fulfillment from that described in Automation with Ivanti Process Manager (LPM), which uses a simpler web service interface.

For information about capturing external events in Service Desk or Asset Manager, see Ivanti Event Manager.