Add install-based inventory

Add install-based inventory

Import, or manually create install-based inventory

Check Software Teaching for new or unrecognized products

Run recognition

Install-based inventory is data that relates to software installs. In most cases, the software installs are related to hardware: a software install record is related to an associated hardware record for the hardware on which the software is installed.

You can import hardware and software data into License Optimizer – see Importing data for details.

After importing hardware data, we recommend that you confirm that the hardware and the Virtual Machine-to-Host relationships are configured as expected using the Hardware page. For more information, see Hardware.

You can also create new hardware and software records manually in License Optimizer. For more information, see Hardware and Software.

When you have imported software data, use the Software Teaching page to determine whether it contains any software records that could not be matched to entries in the License Optimizer Software Library. Where appropriate, teach the unrecognized software installs by matching the records to the correct entry in the License Optimizer Software Library. When all unmatched records have been taught, run the Recognition process. For more information on Software Teaching and Recognition, see Software Teaching.

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