Creating named users

You can create User records manually from the Named User Management page.

To create a named user:

1. Click Users under Estate Management on the menu bar.
The Named User Management page appears.

2.From the gears menu, click Create User.
The Create User dialog appears.

3.Enter the user's name, contact details, department, and job title.

4.Click Location and select the user's location using the Select Location dialog.
To clear a user's location, select the Unassign Location check box. For more information about locations, see Locations.

5.Click Save.
The Edit User dialog appears, which also includes Product Roles and OSIs tabs for the newly created user record as well as the User Details tab. These additional tabs enable you to assign product roles or OSIs to the newly created user record.

6.To add product roles to the selected user, click the Product Roles tab, then click Add Role.
The Add Resource Usage Details dialog appears.

7.Select the Business Unit and Product as required.

Only products that have a Software Users role assigned to them are available to select.

8.In the Measurement list, select the role that the product is measured on, for example Admin Users, Read-only Users, and so on.

For more information about roles, see Previous Reconciliations.

9.Set the Quantity and Uplift as appropriate, then click OK.
The Edit User dialog reappears showing the product role you added.

10.To assign OSIs to the user, click the OSIs tab, then click Associate to OSI.
The Select OSI dialog appears.

11.Use the Select Business Units drop-down and the Search controls to display a list of OSIs.

12.Select the check boxes alongside the OSIs that you want to assign to the user, then click Select.
The OSIs are assigned to the user and the Edit User dialog reappears.

13.Click Update.
The changes are committed.