Now that we've created some users, had a look around the user interface, and created some business units, we can start on the real work of producing an estimated license position. The first stage is to import or discover your inventory information.

Although you can import data using spreadsheets, like we did in Business units, the best way of getting your inventory information into the system is using Ivanti Data Services.

Best practice: three methods for getting inventory data into License Optimizer, and the best strategy to use: Watch the video (4:40)

With Ivanti Data Services, you install an agent on your on-premise servers to import data from your Microsoft Active Directory or SCCM systems, or your Ivanti Endpoint Manager or Data Center Discovery systems into the Ivanti Data Services database. You then import this data into License Optimizer from the Data Import page.

What's Next?

Let's look a bit more closely at Ivanti Data Services.

More information – link to Ivanti product documentation, where you can access information about Data Center Discovery and Endpoint Manager

Ivanti Neurons – information about configuring your Ivanti Neurons system

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Managing estate data – link to the topic about Managing estate data, which includes links to Hardware and Software topics