Creating a new scenario model: Steps stage

The Steps stage of the Create New Scenario Model process enables you to specify the steps in the scenario model. Steps are used to establish the actions required for a scenario to function. You can collate Steps into Groups.

To create steps:

1.Click the Add Group tile on the Steps tab.
A new group appears on the body of the Steps tab.

Steps stage - Adding a Group

2.Double-click the name of the new group to edit it.

Click Delete to delete a group. Deleting a group also deletes any actions contained in the group.

3.Drag the required steps into the required group from the menu on the right.
A phrase appears for each step with a number of actions available, highlighted as buttons within the step.

Steps stage - Adding a Step

To see descriptions of available steps, see Steps descriptions.

4.For each step, click the buttons to configure the steps as required.

To delete a step, click Delete alongside it.


The next stage in the process is Creating a new scenario model Variables stage.