About dashboard properties, alerts, and defaults

When using the Dashboard Designer to create or edit a dashboard, you can configure a variety of property settings relating to layout, security, and alerts. Xtraction also supports linking dashboards together and creating customized layouts that are adjustable to suit your specific needs.

Dashboard alerts

You can set up alert rules at the dashboard or component level. For dashboard-level alerts, Xtraction checks the rules for all displayed components; an alert action will occur if any one of the rules is breached. When set at the component level, Xtraction only checks the alert rule for that particular component. 

You define and edit dashboard alerts within the open dashboard they're associated with. Saved alerts display on the Alerts list page. For details, see Defining alerts.


You can define several default options for all of your dashboards, no matter the data source, but in most cases you'll want to leave these options as they are.