Android Bulk Enrollment

Administrators with Add Device Role privileges can see the Android Bulk Enrollment screen under Devices & Users and can create bulk enrollment profiles by uploading a CSV file. For each profile, a token will be generated with a default expiration time of 7 days. This token can be further extended for 7 days minimum to 99 days maximum. Optionally, the token can be regenerated (a completely new token is created for the profile with a default of 7 days of expiration.)

  • Serial number for each device is required (mandatory.)
  • Duplicate CSV profiles are not allowed.
  • Once devices are imported, they cannot be edited.

  • Administrators cannot add more devices to an existing profile.

USE CASE: To save time, Administrators can do registration of Android 7+ devices in large batches (1000+) by uploading CSV file for many entries. Ivanti recommends you do not upload more than 4,000 devices in a single batch.

Android Modes supported:

  • Work Managed Device mode

  • Managed Device with Work Profile mode

  • Work Profile on Company Owned Device mode

  • AOSP mode


  1. In Creating a new Android Bulk Enrollment , you create a new Android Bulk Enrollment by using a CSV file. A token is generated and associated to the bulk enrollment profile.
  2. Administrators can extend the lifetime of the token or use the Refreshing a Android Bulk Enrollment token option. This activity is recorded in the audit logs.
  3. In the Android Bulk Enrollment Profiles page, you can view all bulk-enrolled profiles and source (admins will need to maintain the serial number data for devices.) You can also view the token expiration date and view devices (allows viewing of the CSV data.
  4. In the Device Details page, you can:
  • see the profile's name under "Bulk Enrollment Profile Name"
  • Search using the same term
  • Download the CSV by selecting the Export to CSV button to the right of the Add button.