Creating a new Android Bulk Enrollment

Before you begin 

IMPORTANT: The serial numbers of the Android devices in the CSV is mandatory. This is alphanumerical and can be between 4-16 characters long.

All devices imported will share the same bulk enrollment token and expiration date. Multiple users can be added in a single CSV file.

Ivanti recommends you do not upload more than 4,000 devices in a single batch.


  1. In the Admin Portal, go to Devices &  Users > Android Bulk Enrollment tab.

  2. Select the Add+ button. The Add Bulk Enrollment Profile dialog box opens.

  3. Enter a Bulk Profile Name.

  4. In the Multiple Devices File field, admins can use the Sample CSV file or they can Browse to find the CSV file and then select the Import File button.

  5. Select the Apply button. The list of devices and information related to the devices display.

    After successful import of devices, the device users will not get notified of the same via email or text messages. They will only get the QR code generated by the administrator with the token.

  6. Select Close. The new Bulk Enrollment displays in the Android Bulk Enrollment page.