Deleting a profile and associated device

Once the administrator has uploaded the device CSV via Android Bulk Enrollment and a profile and its associated devices have been created, the administrator can delete the profile and its devices. Active and Retire Pending devices cannot be removed, but inactive devices can be deleted.

Because this action is not reversible, Ivanti recommends you download the device information prior to deleting the profile. Note that delete action is only supported from global space.

Before you begin 


  1. Go to Devices & Users > Android Bulk Enrollment.
  2. Select the Bulk Enrollment Profile Name and then select Actions > Delete Profile and Devices. The Delete Profile dialog box opens.
  3. Select the check box Are you sure you want to proceed with the selected action? Doing so will delete the bulk enrollment profile and its associated inactive devices.

  4. Select Submit.

In the Device Details page, the Bulk Enrollment Profile Name will list the device as deleted.