Configuring [email protected] for Android Enterprise

The following sections describe how to configure [email protected] for Android Enterprise:

Overview of configuration tasks on Core

Configuring CIFS content site for Android Enterprise mode with Core

Configuring CIFS content site for Android Enterprise mode with Ivanti Neurons for MDM

[email protected] configuration field description for Android Enterprise (Core and Ivanti Neurons for MDM)

Before you begin 

Core should be set up for Android Enterprise. For more information, see the Core Device Management Guide for Android and Android Enterprise Devices

Ivanti Tunnel for Android Enterprise should be set up and devices should be enrolled with Android Enterprise with Ivanti Tunnel. For more information, see How to Set Up App VPN with Ivanti Tunnel for Android Guide for Administrators.

CIFS site access requires AppTunnel rule to be configured in Android Enterprise mode. For all other sites, device users must enable Ivanti Tunnel before using [email protected] to access corporate resources.


The following are limitations of [email protected] for Android Enterprise:

Only one [email protected] app configuration for Android Enterprise can be configured per Core. You cannot have multiple [email protected] configurations assigned to different labels.

Access to DFS repositories is not supported.

Access through Standalone Sentry is supported for CIFS sites with [email protected] 2.3.

Cert-based auth for SharePoint is not supported.

Overview of configuration tasks on Core

These configuration tasks are performed in the Core Admin Portal:

Adding and configuring [email protected] for Android Enterprise

Generating Group and Published site configuration