Integrated Sentry configuration overview

Integrated Sentry is a Windows service that interacts with the Microsoft Exchange Server. After you finish installing the service, in the Admin Portal, go to Services > Sentry to configure Integrated Sentry settings. These settings specify how Integrated Sentry connects to Core, the ActiveSync server, and to devices.

These settings include:

The host name or IP addresses of the Integrated Sentry and an alternate Integrated Sentry.

The port on Integrated Sentry and alternate Integrated Sentry that Core uses to access Sentry.

The password that Core uses to connect to Integrated Sentry.

The LDAP groups that you control with Integrated Sentry.

Information necessary when using a hosted Exchange server (Microsoft Office 365).

The following sections describe Integrated Sentry related configurations in the Admin Portal:

Integrated Sentry connectivity.

See Adding an entry for Integrated Sentry in Core.

Sync Integrated Sentry with Exchange.

See Sync Integrated Sentry with Exchange .

Edit a Sentry entry.

See Editing, deleting, disabling, and enabling a Sentry entry in Core.

Sentry preferences.

See Sentry preferences.

Manage ActiveSync associations.

See Managing ActiveSync Email Devices.