Adding Ivanti EPMM as your MDM server in MTD console

You must add Ivanti EPMM as your Mobile Device Management (MDM) server in the MTD threat management console to enable Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense. After entering Ivanti EPMM details such the URL and administrator user name and password, the MTD console synchronizes with Ivanti EPMM. You can select the Ivanti EPMM labels you want to use in MTD console, and the relevant users, devices, and apps from Ivanti EPMM display in MTD console.

Before you begin 


  1. Log in to your MTD console tenant with the credentials provided by MTD. The username and password defined for the MTD administrator are required to establish communication with Ivanti EPMM and synchronize the two servers.
  2. Navigate to Manage > Integrations > Add MDM.

  3. Select Core to add it to the MTD console as an MDM server.

  4. Create your configuration using the following required information:

    Table 2.  Configuring Ivanti EPMM as an MDM server
    Item Description

    Enter the FQDN or externally accessible URL for your Ivanti EPMM in secure hypertext protocol (HTTPS). For example:


    Enter an administrator user name and password for Ivanti EPMM. The administrator user should be assigned several roles, including API, as described in Adding roles to the MTD administrator user.

    MDM Name

    Enter a name for Ivanti EPMM.

    Whitelist MDM Managed Apps

    Select to automatically add MDM-managed iOS and Android apps to the whitelist. Whitelisted apps are not reported as threats.

    Background sync

    Select to specify that this MDM provider (Ivanti EPMM) should automatically synchronize users, devices, apps, and profiles periodically.

    Mask Imported User Information

    Select to mask personally identifiable information (first name, last name, and email address) from the MTD threat management console.

    Send Device Activation email via zConsole for iOS Devices.

    This feature is not supported on MTD at this time.

    Send Device Activation email via zConsole for Android Devices.

    This feature is not supported on MTD at this time.

  5. Click Next.
  6. In the last window, select the Ivanti EPMM labels you want to use as MTD console groups. The list of MTD console groups is arranged in order of priority. Move a group name up or down to change its priority.

    Ivanti, Inc recommends you create any new labels in the Ivanti EPMM Admin Portal before synchronizing MTD console with Ivanti EPMM, otherwise the labels will not show up when this step is performed.

  7. Click Finish.
  8. Synchronize MTD console with Ivanti EPMM. Make sure the synchronization is successful.

    TIP: Whenever an MDM configuration is removed from MTD console, be sure to manually remove the MTD Activation token label in Ivanti EPMM. If this is not done, the activation token remains assigned to a label in Ivanti EPMM and Ivanti Mobile@Work still displays "Enabled" for MTD.