Phishing protection for MTD devices

Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense Solution for MDM detects and prevents phishing attempts on MTD-enabled iOS and Android devices using a multi-layered approach.

MTD Anti-Phishing policy using VPN is not supported on Apple User Enrolled devices.

The following quick reference table identifies the primary anti-phishing options for MTD devices in this release:

Table 15.  MTD anti-phishing options for Ivanti Neurons for MDM 90 release
Anti-phishing option Supported platforms Key characteristics For more information
MTD console Phishing Policy

Enable phishing protection and enable URL sharing

iOS and Android

Enables Threat Management Console phishing functions and activates URL sharing.

See Enable MTD console anti-phishing VPN.

Local VPN for Phishing

Enables phishing protection through a local VPN and blocks detected phishing URLs.

Enable content inspection on remote server

Checks links against a larger, remote database.

MTD Anti-phishing Protection Configuration

Content Blocker


Blocks all network traffic when a phishing threat is detected. iOS client user must enable.

See Enabling additional MTD anti-phishing protection

URL Handler


Intercepts the URL on the default browser, scans it, and if malicious, blocks it. Android client user must enable.

Use VPN to analyze malicious URLs


Checks links against an on‑device database.


Checks links against an on‑device database.

Requires: Ivanti Tunnel app

See Enabling additional MTD anti-phishing protection, and Android anti-phishing using Tunnel app

Android Enterprise

Checks links against an on‑device database.


  • Ivanti Tunnel app
  • App configuration for Tunnel.

See Android anti-phishing using Tunnel app, and Creating an Ivanti Tunnel app configuration for AE devices

MTD general
Tunnel configuration


Pushed to Android users as needed.
System configuration.
Not editable.

See About the Tunnel Configuration.