At Setup, you can configure your Ivanti Automation environment:

  • Use the Database settings to manage the Datastore connection settings.
  • Use Licensing to manage your Ivanti Automation licenses.
  • Configure Ivanti Identity Director integration to integrate Ivanti Identity Director into your environment. This allows you to create new services in Ivanti Identity Director based on Run Books in your Ivanti Automation environment.
  • Use Task Visibility to configure which Tasks are visible in the Select Task window.
  • Use Add-ons to view all installed Add-ons and to delete the Add-ons from your Ivanti Automation environment.
  • Use Global Settings to configure the general behavior of your Ivanti Automation environment.

Items in the Setup section can be accessed in the Console from the menu bar. When accessing one of the Setup items, the Console will show a setup mode. Console users can click Exit Setup Mode in the command bar to return to the regular Console tree.