Ivanti Automation 2023.4 Release Notes

What's New

Resolved issues

The following issues were resolved in this release:

Problem ID Title
93334 Automation team based on Operating System Version Microsoft Windows 11 rule also includes Windows 10 computers.
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93646 Dispatchers are stuck at random times.
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93652 Building block created using 'Automation/API/BuildingBlocks/Create' is missing the Run Elevated info: <runelevated>yes</runelevated>.
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94122 Runbook containing multiple projects are giving visual inconsistency.
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94218 Netbios name resolve is not working anymore in task Install Windows Installer package with a resource located on fileshare (UNC).
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94406 The previously used Root certificate information still resides in the Automation Agent MSI file.
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Resolved an Automation Manager authentication bypass vulnerability

Note: Ivanti would like to thank Remko Weijnen's contribution in discovering and responsibly reporting vulnerability CVE-2022-44569.

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