Run Books

At Run Books, you can configure and manage Run Books. With Run Books, you can create a chain of Jobs that makes it unnecessary to schedule these Jobs individually. Because each Job in the chain can be performed by a different Agent, a Run Book can perform all the steps for a specific maintenance Task. This is very useful in complex maintenance tasks in which, for example, a computer needs to be set up for a newly hired employee, an ERP server needs to be backed up, or all servers in a Citrix server farm need to reboot sequentially.

Because you can let each step depend on the results of the previous step, you can create predictable results: with Run Books, maintenance Tasks can only performed in one way, based on best practices. It is as if you are saying: "In this particular scenario, the following Job should be performed on this computer, the next Job on that computer, the next Job on these computers, then the next Job on this computer, etc."


  • View all or only the enabled or disabled Run Books.
  • Use the Tree View to see (and manage) the folder structure. Grouping Run Books in folders can be useful in large environments and multi-tenant Ivanti Automation sites to easily locate any Run Books you have created and also to create folders for various needs.
  • Use the List View to see an alphabetical list of all Run Books.
  • Type the search criteria in the Search field and click Search to search on Run Book and folder name.
  • When switching (list and tree) view, your selection is retained. All folders that contain an item from your selection will be unfolded.


From Run Books, the following actions are available:

When selecting a Run Book, you can: