At Projects, you can configure and manage Projects. If you find yourself repeatedly scheduling the same sequence of Modules, you can combine Modules into a Project. By combining several Modules into one Project, the Modules in the Project can be scheduled as one Job instead of a series of separate Jobs. A Project is therefore ideal for combinations of Modules that you need to perform often.


  • View all or only the enabled or disabled Projects.
  • Use the Tree View to see (and manage) the folder structure. Grouping Projects in folders can be useful in large environments and multi-tenant Ivanti Automation sites to easily locate any Projects you have created and also to create folders for various needs.
  • Use the List View to see an alphabetical list of all Projects.
  • Type the search criteria in the Search field and click Search to search on Project and folder name.
  • When switching (list and tree) view, your selection is retained. All folders that contain an item from your selection will be unfolded.


From Projects, the following actions are available:

  • Configure a new Project
  • View or change Project configuration
  • Schedule a configured Project
  • View the audit trail of an existing Project

In the Tree View:

  • Manage your folders (add a new folder, rename an existing folder, delete an existing folder and its content)

When selecting one or more Projects, you can: