Installing Avalanche

Avalanche is designed to operate on a wide variety of network configurations. The types of devices you want to manage, your network setup, and the database management system you choose to use determine how you should install Avalanche.

Avalanche contains all the necessary components to manage both mobile and smart devices. It can be deployed in either a centralized or a distributed model. The centralized installation model allows you to install all of the components on the same computer for easier management of devices. The distributed installation model allows you to install different components on different servers.

Use the following statements to help you decide how you should install Avalanche:

If you plan to manage mobile and/or smart devices at only one location, install Avalanche and its device servers on a centralized computer.

If you plan to manage mobile devices in multiple locations, install the device servers on separate computers from the Avalanche Enterprise Server.

For more information about each model, see System Requirements.

If you are currently using an earlier version of Avalanche and want to upgrade, see Upgrading Avalanche.

To install Avalanche

1.Review the System Requirements and ensure your environment meets minimum system requirements.

2.Install Microsoft SQL Server. For information about installing SQL Server, see Configuring Microsoft SQL Server.

3.Download the Avalanche installer. To obtain the Avalanche installer, contact your Ivanti Sales representative.

4.Run the Avalanche installer. For information about running the installer, see Running the Avalanche Installer. If you plan to install device servers separately, see Installing Device Servers.

5.Back up the database encryption key. For information about this process, see Backing Up the Database Encryption Key.

6.If you plan to connect smart devices to Avalanche, use the Central File Store, or use remote control, set up the certificates and keys necessary to secure communication. For information about setting up secure communications, see Enabling Secure Communication.

7.If you've installed the Certificate Management Server, you'll need to create a certificate and edit the file to enable secure communication between the server and the Avalanche Enabler. For more information, see Enabling the Certificate Management Server.

8.Activate licenses for Avalanche. For information about licensing, see Licensing.

9.Install enablers on the devices and connect them to the Avalanche Server. For information about connecting devices to the server, see Connecting Devices to the Avalanche Server.