Avalanche powered by Wavelink


Pre-installation Checklist

Please ensure that the following tasks have been completed before you begin installing Avalanche.

Review the System Requirements for installing Avalanche.

Download software in advance. This may include the Avalanche installation file, Enablers for mobile devices, configuration packages, or other related device files.

Confirm that you have administrative access privileges where Avalanche will be installed.

Confirm that your firewalls do not block any of the required ports Avalanche needs to communicate with devices or device servers. For information on components of Avalanche and how they interact, see Components of Avalanche. For information on the ports used by each component, see Port Information.

When you purchase licenses, Ivanti sends you a licensing email. Ensure you have a copy of the licensing email(s) available. Contact your Ivanti sales representative if you need licenses. Demo licenses are available.

If you have a previous version of Avalanche, have your backup available.

Where necessary, obtain certificates and keys to secure connections. To learn more about creating secure connections with Avalanche, see Enabling Secure Communication.

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