Printer Payloads

Use printer payloads to configure settings for printers. Associate payloads with printer profiles, and apply the profiles to folders. The next time a device connects, it will download the payloads and apply the settings.

Settings in payloads are only sent to devices after the payloads are associated with a profile and the profile is applied to a folder. For information about creating a printer profile, see Printer Settings Profiles.

When a profile is applied to a folder, you can use additional selection criteria to determine which devices will receive the payload. For information about selection criteria, see Using Selection Criteria.

Printer payloads are applied every time a printer checks in, even if the printer already has the payload. Payload configurations will overwrite any outside changes every time the printer checks in, including those made through direct communication, the Zebra utility, or manually

ClosedPayload priority

Some printer settings can be configured by multiple payloads. Printer payloads take precedence in the following order. Payload types higher in this list are applied over those that are lower.

1.Firmware payloads

2.Native settings payloads using text entry

3.Native settings payloads using table entry

4.Common settings payloads

5.Alert profiles

6.File payloads

A printer can apply configurations from multiple native settings payloads and common settings payloads. Settings configured in payloads with higher priority will overwrite any settings configured in lower priority payloads. For example, first, all the settings in a common settings payload would be applied to the printer. Then, all the settings configured in a native settings payload using table entry would be applied, even if they were previously configured. Next, all of the settings a native settings payload using text entry would be applied, again, overwriting any previously configured settings.

To add payloads to a printer profile

1.Navigate to the Profiles tab.

2.In the Available Profiles panel, click the name of the printer profile you want to edit.

3.Click Edit.

4.Select the payloads you want to add to the profile.

5.Click the Assign icon.

6.Click Save.
The payloads are added to the profile.

7.Perform or schedule a deployment to distribute the payloads to devices. For more information, see Applying Profiles.

For information about available printer payloads, see the following:

Printer File Payload

Zebra Common Settings Payload

Zebra Firmware Payload

Zebra Native Settings Payload

Zebra Property Collection Payload