Creating Scripts

Using the Velocity Console, you can create scripts for the Velocity Client. This component provides the ability to quickly create scripts, associate them with project deployments, and import them onto mobile devices. The functionality provided by this feature is available only to Velocity 1.2 and newer builds.

You can only run scripts on the Velocity Client while a session is active. If the connection is terminated, the script stops. When switching between sessions, the script running in the inactive session remains suspended until that session is active again.

To utilize scripting in the Velocity Console, we recommend the following:

Knowledge of Wavelink Velocity and Wavelink Terminal Emulation.

Knowledge or rudimentary experience with programing/scripting languages, primarily JavaScript.

The following topics are available for reference on scripting in the Velocity Console:

Adding or Editing a Script

Using Library Scripts

Importing and Exporting Scripts

Setting Scopes


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