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What's New in Environment Manager?

Version 2019.1 SP1

Toggle the auto copy of VHDs for multiple sessions ON/OFF

In Environment Manager 2018.3, Ivanti introduced the ability to use VHD Cache Roaming to provide users with access to their cache when working across multiple virtual sessions. This enables users within a non-persistent Windows environment to have multiple sessions running at the same time.

However, to provide this multi-session support, a VHD is created for each device logon, with a maximum of 5 VHDs retained per user.

Feedback from certain customers was that this capability was not required by default and so it is now possible to toggle multi-session support ON or OFF, to help reduce disk usage on back-end storage.

For further details see Cache Roaming.

Context sensitive help improvements

The Environment Manager context-sensitive help system has been extended to provide improved access to relevant help topics directly from the console. In addition, anonymous telemetry within the Ivanti help system can provide us with insights into how the system is being used.

Examples of the data gathered include:

The most visited help pages

The most searched-for terms

The navigation paths from specific pages

This data enables us to focus development effort and resource on key areas of the product to help improve features and simplify the user experience.

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