What's New in Environment Manager?

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Version 2024.1

In addition to code enhancements and bug fixes the following features are included:

Entra ID support for personalization

Environment Manager personalization now allows you to manager Microsoft Entra ID users. This enables personalisation administrators to browse and select Entra ID user and device objects to use as conditions. This enhances the ability to use Entra ID users and groups in rules for Environment Manager policy and other solutions in the User Workspace Manager suite.

Support for Group Managed Service Accounts (gMSAs_)

Environment Manager personalization now supports the use of gMSAs to access the SQL database. This enhancement avoids storing SQL credentials to enhance security and reduce administrative overhead.

Set an Access Control List (ACL) when creating a folder

Environment Manager now allows you to create ACLs and apply them when you create a folder or a file. Refer to Using the Access Control List.

Check file metadata using policy file conditions

You can apply conditions based on file metadata to evaluate for revisions. Refer to Setting Conditions Based on File Metadata.

Create unique folder locations for temporary script execution

Environment Manager allows you to create a custom working directory from which to execute custom condition scripts. Refer to Custom Conditions.

Endpoint analysis changes to folders and log files

Environment Manager now allows you to specify the maximum number of log folders to save before deleting the oldest folders and to specify retention times for log folders. Refer to Endpoint Analysis Tool - Settings.

Endpoint analysis ETL logs process start/stop conditions

A new option under endpoint analysis advanced settings allows you to capture process started and process stopped conditions. Refer to Endpoint Analysis Tool - Settings.

Updated Microsoft branding

Environment Manager has been updated to reflect Microsoft's branding change from Azure Active Directory (AAD) to Microsoft Entra ID.

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