Checklist for Using CSM Authentication

 This topic applies to: CSM authentication

CSM authentication is used in hosted installations, and is an option for on-premises implementations where CSM is installed.

Before Using CSM Authentication

Before you can use CSM authentication with Cherwell Asset Management, you need to configure Cherwell Service Management for this purpose by performing these tasks:

  1. Install CSM.
  2. Install the Cherwell Web Service (part of Cherwell Browser Apps).
  3. Follow the steps in How to Set Up CSM Security Groups, Teams, and Users for CAM access.

Changing the Authentication Method to CSM

Relevant for on-premises installations.

Once the above "before" tasks are completed, you can change from CAM to CSM authentication by following the below procedure:

  1. Change the authentication method to CSM.
    1. Exit CAM Administrator.
    2. Bring up a command prompt as administrator and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Cherwell Asset Management\CAM Web\Encrypt Web Configs
    3. Execute the following command:

      EncryptWebConfigs.exe webauth --csmauth=CSM/REST --dbserver=<CAM-database-server> --dbname=<CAM-database-name> --dbuser=<CAM-database-username> --dbpassword=<CAM-database-password> --apihost=<dns-of-CSM-host-including-protocol> --apikey=<csm-rest-api-key> --apiuser=CSDAdmin --apipassword=<CSDAdmin-password> --dryrun

      This will simulate changing the authentication type to CSM without actually making the changes.

    4. Issue the above command again, this time without --dryrun to actually make the configuration change to use CSM authentication.
    If you want to configure CAM to use CSM authentication with SAML, you can use the same command as above and change the --csmauth value to CAM/SAML. See Using SAML Authentication for more information.
  2. Launch CAM Administrator.
  3. Synchronize CSM data with Cherwell Asset Management.
  4. From the Tools menu, select Synchronize with CSM, then select Synchronize in the dialog box that opens. Note that the synchronize process may take a few moments to complete.
  5. Direct any other users to log out of all Cherwell Asset Management applications, and then log back in.

    When they log back in, they should use their CSM credentials.

The change to CSM authentication is now complete.

Effects of Changing to CSM Authentication

Users of pre-12.0 versions of Cherwell Asset Management and anyone who uses CAM authentication first should note the following after switching to CSM authentication:

  • In Reporting, there are two things to note. First, the Administration panel is not available, as access to Reporting is managed by CSM teams. Second, any filters you created are still available, but you will need to assign ownership of them to CSM users. See How to Edit Filter Ownership
  • In Purchasing, you'll need to migrate any existing CAM access profiles to CSM user teams. See How to Migrate Access Profiles.