Configure Active Directory Discovery Dialog Box

Configure Active Directory discovery and view existing discovery configurations.

Getting there:

  1. Select Tools > Discover > Directory Services.
  2. Select Discover from Active Directory, and then select Configure.

Existing organizational unit (OU) paths are listed, and information about the last discovery run for each configuration is listed.

The following information is shown for each configuration:

  • OU path
  • Secure connection (LDAP over SSL, yes or no)
  • Notes
  • CAM Administration Service machine that ran the discovery process
  • Last time discovery ran
  • Last results

To restrict discovery to certain OUs, select Add.

To change or remove existing configurations:

  1. Select one or more existing configurations. Use the Check All or Uncheck All buttons to select or clear all configurations at one time.
  2. Select Change to modify a configuration or Remove to delete one or more configurations.