Add Active Directory Configuration Dialog Box

You can configure Active Directory discovery to a specific organizational unit (OU) path. Active Directory discovery is done only on specified paths unless no paths are specified, in which case the entire Active Directory of your current domain is discovered.

All OU strings must:
  • Begin with LDAP.
  • Include DC.
  • List OUs before any DC.

OU examples:

  • Use this OU path to discover machines in the Seattle, Washington, and Western-US OUs of the MyCompany domain:
  • If your Active Directory uses a non-standard port, use this OU path to include a port number to the previous example:
  • If your CAM Administration Service is in the sea.mycompany.local domain and it has a trust relationship with mycompany.local, use this OU path to discover machines across the mycompany.local Active Directory:

You can choose to secure the connection to the OU path.

To configure Active Directory discovery to a specific OU path:

  1. Select Tools > Discover > Directory Services.
  2. Select Configure.
  3. Select Discover from Active Directory, then select Add.
  4. In the OU Path box, enter the path in the text field. Use the syntax shown in the dialog box.
  5. In the Notes box, provide information about the OU path.
  6. Select the Use secure connection check box to use LDAP over SSL (LDAPS) for the Active Directory configuration, and then provide a user name and password. You can use an account that is dedicated for LDAP authentication or the account of a user with permissions to access machines and users through Active Directory.
  7. Select Test to verify the OU path syntax or that the specified path can be examined.
  8. Select OK.