Discover Managed Computers and Users from Directory Services

Use the Discovery feature to find named computers and users in your Active Directory or NT domain.

The default NT domain or Active Directory discovery will provide a list of machines currently turned on in the current domain or Active Directory. The current domain or Active Directory is the domain or Active Directory in which the CAM Administration Service is installed.

If you are using Active Directory and a trust relationship exists across multiple AD domains, you can also specify that Cherwell Asset Management only runs discovery on specific organizational units (OUs). This option is especially useful for large Active Directory implementations. You can also set specific Active Directory configurations to use LDAP over SSL (LDAPS).

To find out whether the discovery process has completed, press F5 to refresh the display after a few minutes, or check the status line at the bottom right of the window for updates.

By default, the discovery process automatically runs at 1:00 AM each Sunday.