Discover Directory Services Dialog Box

Learn how to run the Active Directory or NT domain discovery process and to configure the Active Directory discovery process. After the discovery process is complete, discovered managed computers and users will show up in the Machines panel and Users panel, respectively.

Getting there: Select Tools > Discover > Directory Services.

Discovery automatically runs weekly.

You can:

  • Choose to discover managed machines and users from Active Directory or your current NT domain. When you choose NT Domain discovery, only machines in the domain on the machine where CAM Administration Service resides are discovered.
  • Select Discover to run discovery for the selected option (Active Directory or NT Domain).
  • Select Configure to add, change, or remove Active Directory configurations, and to choose which configurations are run. See Configure Active Directory Discovery Dialog Box.
  • If you're using Active Directory in a large environment, you can limit discovery to certain organizational units (OUs). Select Configure, and then select Add to open the Add Active Directory Configuration dialog box and configure your options. See Add Active Directory Configuration Dialog Box.