Install/Update CAM Agent Dialog Box

You can install or update the CAM Agent to a selected Windows machine. You can also update the connection properties.

The version of the CAM Agent software that will be installed is shown near the top of the dialog box.

Consider enabling machines to use the self-upgrade feature.

The following sections describe the options in each area of the dialog box. The final section explains how to start the agent installation, and provides some tips.

Select the CAM Access Point

The following options are available in this dialog box:

  • Select the Access Point that the agent will use: From this drop-down list, select the access point to which the selected machine will report.
  • Overwrite existing installations (select to upgrade or reinstall out of date agents): If you're updating the CAM Agent, check Overwrite existing installations. In most other cases, keep this check box unchecked.

Enter Credentials

In the Credentials section, enter the domain or local machine administrator credentials:

  • User name
  • Password
  • Domain or machine name

Use IP address instead of machine name

If you check Use IP address instead of machine name, also type in the machine's IP address in Domain or machine name in the Credentials section.
You can only install using an IP address to machines where the IP address is known. This is most often the case when you previously installed to an IP address range and are now updating those machines.

Proxy server options

By default, the first option, Save proxy settings to agent machine, is unchecked. Only check this box if the machine needs to use a proxy server.

Proceeding with the agent installation

  1. Click Install.

    The Status box keeps you informed of the progress of the installation, and lets you know if the process failed.

  2. To find out whether the installation completed properly, press F5 to refresh the display after a few minutes, or check the status line at the bottom right of the window for updates.


  • The process for updating the CAM Agent is mostly the same as that for installing it for the first time. The main difference is that when updating, you should check Overwrite existing installations.
  • To update the CAM Access Point that the agent will use, select a new one from the drop-down list, then select Install.