Options Alerts Tab

Use this dialog box to set options for alerts.

Email address options

The options in this section are as follows:

  • Send email alerts: If you want to be notified when an event occurs that requires attention, mark this check box and fill in the below text boxes. These events include:
  • Send alert to: Specify an email address to which to send alerts.
  • Test: Click this button to send an alert to the email address you specified. You can delete the test message.
  • From address: Specify an email address from which the alert generates, and to which recipients of the alert can respond.
  • SMTP server: Specify a valid SMTP Server address for outgoing messages.
  • More Settings: Click this button if you need to specify additional options. The More Email Settings dialog box opens.

Access Points options

All the access points you've set up are listed in this section. Mark the check boxes next to any access points about which you want to be notified in case of accessibility problems.

When you're done configuring the alert options, select OK to put them into effect, or Test to generate a test message.

By default, access point availability is checked every hour, on the hour. The Work Queue is checked every hour at five minutes past the top of the hour. You can change how often to check access point and Work Queue availability using the Task Scheduler, which is a System Tools accessory that ships with Windows.