General Microsoft SQL Server or Windows Server Exceptions

This topic describes how to correct SQL Server and Windows Server exceptions, organized by entry in the Reason column. Note that although this help system provides overviews of how CAM supports licensing these products (above), Cherwell Software recommends that you visit the Microsoft website for complete licensing information and rules.

When you're done correcting any of these issues, return to License Analytics and select the icon next to Summary to recalculate data.

Active and Passive Assignments Cannot Be Made to Same Machine

These exceptions occur when you assign an active and passive SQL Server license to the same machine, which is not allowed per Microsoft licensing.

To correct these exceptions:

  1. Open Purchasing's Assign panel.
  2. From the left pane, find the All Machine/User Assignments section, and select To Machine.
  3. From the list of all machine assignments in the right pane, find the appropriate SQL Server line items and select their Assign hyperlinks to edit their assignments.

Incompatible with Other Assignments to this Machine

These exceptions indicate that some of the purchase assignments of SQL Server or Windows Server made to a machine cannot be used. This can happen if the product use rights rules for the contract do not allow different editions or versions to be assigned to the same machine.

To correct these exceptions:

  • Select the Order Number hyperlink and edit the line items.
  • Depending on the situation, you may need to change what license unit the line item is reconciled to, or its assignment.

Licenses Must Be Explicitly Assigned to Machines

You have purchased some SQL Server licenses, but have not yet assigned these licenses to machines.

To correct these exceptions, open Purchasing and follow the steps in How to Assign Line Items to assign SQL Server purchases to the appropriate machines.

License Purchased Does Not Match Contract

These exceptions list line items reconciled to LA titles that are not compatible with the contract to which they are assigned.

The steps to take to correct these exceptions vary depending on whether they're for SQL Server or Windows Server licenses:

  • For SQL Server exceptions: Edit the line item or contract so that the unit quantities are compatible.
  • For Windows Server exceptions: From Purchasing's Status tab, select the Contracts link in the yellow Migrate section at the top of your to-do list.

This License Must Be Assigned to a Physical Machine

You cannot assign this SQL Server license to a virtual machine. To correct, open Purchasing. From there, find the appropriate SQL Server line item and select its Assign hyperlinks to assign it to a physical machine instead.

Too Many Assignments

You assigned more licenses than you purchased. To correct, adjust your assignments or purchase more licenses.